Electric Scooters Are Coming to New York, but You Can’t Rent One in Manhattan

Soon the ban on electric bikes will be lifted by the official of New York. All the credit goes to the tech leaders and the delivery workers who fought against the government to lift the ban on electric bikes and scooters. But this can’t be done in Manhattan as its roads are very congested. Recently New Jersey has also given the green flag to the electric bike and scooters. Now it is New York’s turn to do so.

electric bikes in new york

Tech leaders and delivery workers have fought for months and the government has embraced their effort by legalizing the electric bikes and scooters. State lawmakers reached the deal this week which will legalize the electric bikes and delivery bikes. This is good news for the scooter renting companies like Bird and Lime. But, they are not available in Manhattan.

After the end of the session in which concern of the crowded streets of Manhattan was taken by the leaders in New York, which is compromised by the officials, the legalization of electric bikes and scooters is kept forward. This has also settled the long going debate on the discrimination faced by the immigrant delivery workers who are totally dependent on the delivery job. It was said that the ban on electric bikes and scooters is just to bother the immigrant delivery workers but after the legalization of electric bikes and scooters, it is seen as good news for the immigrants.

After this, the scooter companies have praised this decision and hope that they will get a lot of costumers in New York City. They already operate in dozens of cities across the country, including Los Angeles and Chicago, and had spent nearly half a million dollars on lobbying in New York this year.

“Our state leaders appear ready to enshrine e-bikes and e-scooters into state law and answer the call to bring more transportation alternatives to New Yorkers,” said Paul Steely White, the director of safety policy at Bird.

It was expected that lawmaker will approve the legislation. Over the next year, States and cities will imply a new set of rules on these electric bikes accordingly. Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo, a Democrat who would have to sign the bill said that he welcomed the decision for scooters but bikes can run over the older people walking on the sidewalks especially in Manhattan. Scooters can go at the highest speed of 15 miles per hour while an electric bike can reach more than 20 miles per hour. “I have safety concerns on the bill as drafted,” Mr. Cuomo said in a radio interview.

9Bikes, a popular British blog on electric bikes believes that the law should be implemented according to the problems which are different for different cities and states. They also think that scooters should be banned on sidewalks. “We are leaving the nitty-gritty, the pieces of this that can be very hyper-local and sensitive, we’re leaving that to cities and towns,” Ms. Ramos said.

Delivery persons and they’re cheered this agreement. Many delivery workers complained about the huge amount of fines put on them for using electric bikes and said it as harassment done by the police. In some cases, police have confiscated their electric bikes while some of them are forced to pay the expensive fines. It is said that hard work always pays off best, it is the time of delivery workers who have fought a long battle while risking their livelihood. Many immigrants also fought for their right and after the news that soon it will be legal to use electric bikes and scooters, it will be the fruit of their hard work.

“We appreciate this common-sense legislation that clarifies the rules around e-bikes on our streets,” said Seth Stein, a spokesman for Mr. de Blasio. “Safety for everyone on our roads is our priority, and we look forward to working with legislators and communities as we develop plans to implement the new law.”

After the legalization of electric bikes and scooters, it is mandatory to set a few rules regarding the safety of the people not only peddlers but also the riders. Then it will be a good step towards the future.…

How Digital LSAT expected to improve test-taking experience

LSAT (Law School Admission test) is examination for admission into Law schools is now going to be digital. According to the Law School Admission council, the digital format will be starting from July this season and will have the same multiple choice questions as that was earlier in the offline format. The council further said that it will be available on the tablets. The applicants will be provided with a table at the examination centre to take the exam.

The LSAT will be comprising of two sessions of tests. LSAC said in an email that it will shorten the time for the examination takers to sit at once. The two sections will be taken in a break. It means that session two will start after a break once session one ends.

The online examination will reduce the time for recording the scores as it will give the scores instantly. This online examination on tablet will also discourage cheating and any manipulation in the applicant scores.
The field testing has shown that applicants find the digital format easy to use and the feedback was found positive. This will also shorten the delivery time of scores and applicants will now get more time to focus on other steps of the exam. This was said by Troy Lowry who is the senior vice president of technology products and chief information officer at Law School Admission Council.

The new digital platform will make exam even more easier as in offline exams, applicants had to put answers in the sheet too where there were a lot of chances to put it in wrong places during last minutes. Therefore, it will help make students less error in exams.

Axel Sarkissian view on Online LSAT

Axel Sarkissian, leader of the Pre-Law Society at UCLA, said the new changes will have both positive and negative effects, and it is imperative to know how it will influence the graduate school confirmations process.
Sarkissian said he supposes understudies will probably step through the exam all the more as often as possible given the expanded availability of the new advanced configuration and the evacuation of a top on how frequently they can step through the examination after 2017.

He further said that this can be easier for applicants if they practice it daily as it will improve their number of question attempts on Digital platform and even make them more profound to the tests. But it will have its negative impacts as it will increase the high scores in LSAT exam and make it even more competitive for the applicants. If you’re once of aspiring applicant for LSAT, We highly recommend you to Prepare yourself with lsat books before taking the test

Rachel Sheffield view on New LSAT Platform

Rachel Sheffield who is the Academy support for LSAT planning organization TestMasters, said the progressions to the LSAT is going to be more valuable to the applicants since they will expand the quality of the test.

“Applicants often come and say that they have got less time and they look disappointed,” she said. “In this new Digital format, each and every tablet has its own time and applicants will know at every point of time that how much time they have left for the exam.

She further said the advanced practice tests will enable TestMasters to come up will more information and then they can counsel students on how to prepare for the tests further.

LSAC Tie Up with Microsoft for LSAT Online Exam

This was announced by LSAC in December that it is collaborating with Microsoft for online examination. The LSAT exam was being taken as pen and paper format for the last 70 years and now it’s the time to change it to an easy and less time consuming process. It was further announced that LSAT will be held on Microsoft Surface Go tablets. It was further said that after a lot of research and consideration, LSAC found that Microsoft’s Surface Go was the best device for LSAT examinations. The device is secure and its manageability is also easy with its design and size.

Benefits of Digital LSAT Exam

•The Digital LSAT will speed up score delivery time. So, no more worries for late results.
•Easy to highlight important parts of the questions.
•Easy to eliminate answers and highlight question you want see later if you get time.
•Since, there is no separate answer sheet you don’t have to worry about mistake in putting answers to wrong rows.…

Top Family Judge Calls for No-Fault Divorce

Britain’s most senior family law judge has declared its time for no-fault divorce to be the standard form of divorce in the UK.

Sir Nicholas Wall, who is president of the High Court Family Division, said that there was “no good arguments against no-fault divorce” that he could see.

 Family Judge

Currently divorce law in England and Wales means that a person has to file a divorce petition in court stating that their marriage has broken down, citing one of five reasons – adultery, unreasonable behaviour, desertion after two years, two years’ separation with consent or five years’ separation without consent. If both parties do not dispute these grounds and the court agrees, then a decree nisi is drawn up, followed by a decree absolute, which ends the marriage.

Plans were drawn up for no-fault divorces in 1996, but scrapped before implementation.

Speaking to a conference of family lawyers, Sir Nicholas said: “In the 19th Century and for much of the 20th, divorce was a matter of social status – it mattered whether you were divorced or not, and if you were, it was important to demonstrate that you were the ‘innocent party’. All that, I think, has gone.”…